Annette's Story

Annette is a small business owner and a working mom from South Dade who moved to this country as a teenager, put herself through college and has lived the American Dream. An active community leader for over 30 years, Annette is proud to call South Dade home, for her family and her business. She is fed up with the politics of Tallahassee. She’s running to fight back for all of us. She knows that the so-called leaders in Tallahassee aren’t helping — in fact, they are the problem. And she’s going to do something about it.

Annette on the Issues

  • Education

    Our students deserve a great education. Annette will put them first by ending high-stakes testing and stopping the flow of money from our public schools to private, for-profit corporations.

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  • Traffic

    Politicians have done nothing to fix the horrible traffic in Miami-Dade. Annette will take on the lobbyists in Tallahassee and fight to make sure we have real funding for much better roads, lower tolls, and mass transit—while making sure that funding helps US and not big road contractors.

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  • Water Safety

    Our drinking water is under threat. Annette will ban fracking and keep our water safe—as well as protect our natural resources.

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Annette Wants to Know

Annette Taddeo for State Senate
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