Annette Taddeo for State Senate
Annette’s Story

Annette’s father, Anthony, was an American World War II and Korean War fighter pilot. He met her mother, Elizabeth, when he was asked to establish the first helicopter school in South America. As a child in Colombia, Annette grew up volunteering and helping others in her community. She ultimately fled an unstable Colombia when she was 17.  Her family then moved to Miami to build a better life.

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Annette Taddeo for State Senate

Annette learned English, persevered to improve her language skills, earned herself admission to college, paid for school through Pell grants and waiting tables and ultimately graduated from the University of North Alabama in 1992 with a degree in commercial Spanish and a minor in business administration.

After helping her parents re-build their home in Perrine in the wake of Hurricane Andrew, Annette set out to build her own business, providing translation services. Today, LanguageSpeak provides translations in more than 240 languages and has been named one of the top 100 small businesses in Florida and one of the top 500 small businesses in the United States. Annette worked hard, pressed on, and never gave up. She became the proud wife of Dr. Eric Goldstein and the proudest mom of their 10-year-old daughter, Sofia.