Annette Taddeo for State Senate
On the Issues


No one should have to worry that they can't afford to go to the doctor or treat their kids when they're sick. Annette will work to expand healthcare access to all Floridians by advocating for Medicare-for-all and Medicaid expansion.


Politicians have done nothing to fix the horrible traffic in Miami-Dade. Annette will take on the lobbyists in Tallahassee and fight to make sure we have real funding for much better roads, lower tolls, and mass transit—while making sure that funding helps US and not big road contractors.


Our students deserve a great education. Annette will put them first by ending high-stakes testing and stopping the flow of money from our public schools to private, for-profit corporations.

Water Safety

Our drinking water is under threat. Annette will ban fracking and keep our water safe—as well as protect our natural resources.


All families are precious. Annette will fight to ensure that the children of immigrants can attend Florida schools and to ensure that immigrant families don't have to live in fear of local law enforcement.